worthy of note….

We were all a bit disappointed last weekend that our planned camping weekend in Wales was cancelled due to the  weather. This was the annual one with Dave, Fred and Barbara which we’ve had fantastic weather for the last couple of years. Hopefully we can reschedule for later in the year.

But it’s our long weekend this weekend! Hurray! I actually get 4 days off instead of the statutory 3 due to a company entitlement.  We haven’t gone away camping – still very unsettled weather – but still have some nice things to do.

Yesterday I went to Chester and met Emily for lunch and a browse around shops and the antique fair.  Tomorrow we’re going to have a family lunch and on Tuesday I’m going to have lunch with Capenhurst friends at a pub next to the site.

Noteworthy things since the last blog include the following….

  • Lauren’s birthday.  Happy day!
  • The start of Stella’s next set of Doggie classes.  Star pupil….?!
  • Taking Stella to see her Mum. I don’t think she recognised Stella really – not like a bit family reunion or anything – but  they had a little run around together. Next time we might try and go for a walk together or something….
  • Ice cream at Parkgate.
  • Getting the roof light in our house replaced after it fell out rather spectacularly onto the pavement in front of the  house.  It was lucky no one was walking past at the time…
  • Walks – especially Royden Park with Paul and Stella and Arrowe Park with Paul’s family.
  • Catching up with a colleague from my first job at an industry meeting. Apparently I used to put post it notes on my computer with English spellings on them to remind myself of the “correct” way of spelling things. It had been more than 10 years since we last met!
  • Lots of daylight.  It’s not getting dark until after 9pm these days.