work, work and more work….

I’ve just realised I’ve been a bit neglectful the past few weeks about my blog.  I am blaming work entirely for this….  I’ve been busy and away from home but I’m here now!

Work really has been taking over the past few weeks.  I had to cancel a planned trip to the Tatton Hall Food Festival with Emily which was to be followed by a meal with the ladies from Rolls Royce because of a meeting.  I’ve started my 6 months of working away three days a week in Scotland.  I have a nice hotel to stay in and know a few people on the site I’m working on from previous work but living out a suitcase I’m sure will become tiresome and I miss Paul and Stella lots.  The site is friendly and I think the work will be interesting.  There is a tricky matter, though, of trying to balance the work up there with other work I have….this week the scale definitely tipped.  As well as Scotland, I was in Derby and didn’t really enjoy my 4 hour drive home from Gloucester on a Friday night.   Hopefully this is just a one off and next week will be a bit quieter….  My company was very kind though and treated Paul and I to a Thai takeaway when I got back last night because of such a busy week.

All of this working really made me appreciate our walk around Royden Park this morning.  We found Stella’s twin – a black and white Springer called Dillon – and they played together.  It was a crisp autumn morning and the sun was filtering through the trees in the woods. Pretty much perfect.

With the glorious weather forecast for tomorrow too, we’re going to go on another doggy walk or two. 🙂