white christmas…

Well we managed to escape the snow that has been hitting the country until Friday night when we got a couple of inches resulting in the usual chaos.  Thankfully I’d already got in from work but the motorways were slow, the buses were cancelled and there were major disruptions at the airports.  Now the side roads are very icy…. It took me an extra ½ hour to get home from work mainly because the roads in the business park where I work were terrible.  At least the hill to the house is clear… at the moment!

I shouldn’t complain really because on Saturday we had a lovely walk down to Birkenhead Park to see the covering of snow in the park.  I think I could quite honestly say that I wouldn’t be too upset if I never saw the park covered in snow again (bah, humbug!) but we did have a nice walk and the snow looked very pretty.  There were snowmen-a-plenty and the kids were happy on their sleds and with their snowballs.  The snow was also a good excuse for a warm fire on Saturday night. 😉



On Sunday we had Harriet and Helen over for afternoon tea with their families.  We exchanged presents and ate lots of cake.  Seamus and Owen enjoyed playing hide and seek together and running from the front of the house to the back chasing imaginary monsters.  Seamus was also quite taken with my Wrinkles dog teddy, “Peggy Sue” who usually sits quietly on the spare bed.  It made me smile to see her getting cuddled again.

Tomorrow is my last day at work for the year which I am very much looking forward to now.  And I only have to do half of it too as I’m finishing at noon… This will mark the start of 2 weeks off which is lovely.  I’m excited about having the time off with Paul and the surprises that this time of year brings.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!