what’s in a name…

It was a lovely weather weekend this past weekend. We had a weekend at home sleeping in, catching up on some gardening, going for a bike ride and trying out the new cooker. It’s up and running now and has been a success so far. Getting used to something that actually heats efficiently may take some time, though!

Here’s some pictures from our cycle ride.

Bike Ride 001

We also paid a visit to the local library where I happened to come across a book about English place names in my browsing… It was really interesting to find out why the places we live in are called what they are and reflect on what different places they are now. To highlight my top 5 favourite name origins:

1. Cockermouth – the mouth of the river Cocker. (I knew that one already but that’s always worth emphasizing!)
2. Keswick – cheese farm.
3. Oxton – farmstead where Oxen are kept. (I think they’ve all run away now….)
4. Birkenhead – the headland where birch trees grow.
5. Liverpool – a pool/creek of muddy water.

The world cup is still going strong with lots of interest in the psychology of what’s happening with the England team. It’s all a bit crazy, however, talking to the Argentinean in the office, the English response to the football doesn’t compare to the South American one. Apparently, the English might as well be sleeping when the games are on in comparison to their reactions…. That’s a scary thought!