wet, wet, wet…

And then some sun.

I had a couple of rather wet walks this weekend with Stella.  It was raining when I set off Saturday morning despite the forecast which suggested it would be dry so I decided that it would probably stop soon and that I would stick with my plan to walk out to Hilbre regardless.  Well – the rain didn’t stop and we got soaked.  Stella didn’t seem to mind and I got into the spirit eventually after my initial grump.  The lifeguards must have been watching me from the station thinking who is that crazy lady…?! The same thing happened on my walk at New Brighton.  This means that my picture taking was a bit limited this weekend in fear of getting my camera out in the rain!  


The weather cleared up Saturday afternoon and I managed to get some gardening done and we had a visit to see Jayne, Paul and the kids.  

But the real miracle was on Sunday afternoon.  We had set the date for the BBQ with Helen and Harriet and their families months ago and hadn’t dreamed we’d actually be able to sit outside but there we were on Sunday afternoon – outside in the garden at Palm Hill for a few hours enjoying the afternoon sun.  It was great to see everyone and there was lots of yummy food too.  (I ate too much of course…. 😉 The boys seemed to have fun playing with Stella and getting all the blankets and cushions from the sofas to make a comfy fort on the floor.  We found out that Harriet’s bump is pink coloured which is exciting news for them too.  

I think I can now officially say that the countdown is on to the wedding of the year on the 19th of this month.  So looking forward to it. J