We’re all mad here….

I had a great time on Saturday at my Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party and I’m really glad I decided to go for it and have a party.  We have never really had a proper party since we moved to Palm Hill and it was so nice to see the house filled with friends and family.  The food was really good and having it brought in made everything easier and less stressful (if not a bit more expensive…).  The games I had planned seemed to go down well with the kids – although they played really well together anyways.  My Alice costume seemed to be very well received although I had to watch it didn’t get caught in the wind while we were standing outside at the risk of doing a “Marilyn Munroe”!. The take-up on others wearing costumes was not as high as it could’ve been but Fred and Barbara came through for me with their “We’re all mad here” t-shirts and Fred’s Mad Hatter’s Hat.  Stella enjoyed going around and saying hello to everyone again and again and again and was very tired once everyone had gone home. 

Here we all are with credit to photographer Denis for the pictures. 

Picture 015-1 Picture 049-1

On Sunday a few of us went for a walk in Heswall followed by lunch at a pub called the Jug and Bottle (http://www.the-jugandbottle.co.uk/).  We chose this pub because it is dog friendly and we will definitely make an effort to go there again.  The food was really good and it had a nice atmosphere.  There are so few pubs that Stella is allowed into on the Wirral that I think we should support them. 

I had the luxury of a 4 day weekend to prepare for and then to return things to normal post party.  This meant lots of time for me and Stella to go for walks so we went to Thurstaston and Arrowe Park.  But my favourite walk was the one we did to Hilbre Island on Monday.  The weather was warm and still and the sun saved making an appearance until we got to the island when it was most welcome.  It was definitely spring there and I got a few pictures which I think capture the season.

  P1060301-3 P1060319-1

Four days of work and then we have (another) bank holiday so I look forward to that with the priority for this weekend being some work in the garden.  Fingers crossed the weather plays nicely.