welcome Stella…

Well we’ve been having fun here.

Last Tuesday when I finished work at noon for the holidays, I stopped on the way home to pick up Paul’s Christmas present…  A new puppy.  She is an adorable English Springer Spaniel who is called Stella – after Paul’s favourite beer.  I’d been scheming for a while and was pretty sure Paul had figured it out – but he hadn’t.  He was surprised and talked a bit of “gobble-de-goop” for the first few minutes until it sunk in.  Funny.


I have a new appreciation for all parents and dog owners.  This is hard work!  Especially the first couple of days when she was missing her Mum and feeling a bit stressed about her new life.  She’s getting on great thought and is settling well.  Training is hard as bad behaviour has to be ignored and sometimes you just want to scoop her up and give her a cuddle.  I get the importance of keeping schedules and the difficulties of separation anxiety for new parents.  A puppy is hard – I can imagine it just scratches the surface of what new parents go through.

So this holiday has been pretty Stella focused.  But Christmas hasn’t gone by unobserved….

I’ve had some lovely presents.  Worthy of note is my new winter jacket from Paul, very fitting tree decorations from Mum and Annalie, lots of chocolate and a painting of a street car in Toronto from Lauren.  Very blessed indeed!

There have also been some good Skype sessions with Canada including Mum, Dad & Janet and Katrina and Nadine.  And instead of a Christmas dinner, there was a Christmas lunch which included eggs and bacon and mushrooms and beans and pancakes.  Delicious. I feel full just thinking about it.  We also took a trip down to Moreton for a quiet moment with Granny and Grandpa and then on to the lighthouse to see the sea and the snow.

New Year’s Eve is going to be pretty quiet for us.  Brent was going to visit but work commitments put pain to that plan…. We will stay up to see in the New Year (although I have to admit i was tempted not too!).  We thought about getting a take away meal, maybe some more Skype and a board game as we keep an eye on Stella to make sure she isn’t too spooked with the fire works!

Happy New Year!