Welcome to my new (old) blog

So I started a blog way back in 2006.  It was around about when I was moving back down to Liverpool from Cumbria.  At the time I was inspired by my cousin, Lauren, who wrote a blog the entire time she was living in the UK to keep her Canadian friends and family informed… In the end she printed it all out as a great record of that adventure in her life.
So although the frequency of when I post a blog can vary, I have kept it up since then.  I post for myself to keep track of what’s going on in life, I post for friends and family who maybe I don’t see as much as I would like and I probably mostly I post because I like writing and I especially like taking pictures to fill the spaces in between the words.
When Flying Canadian Photography was born, I started a separate blog with more of a photography related flavour.  I didn’t think those people interested in what I did on the weekend would be as interested in what I was up to from a photography point of view and vice versa.
But this latest iteration of my blog has brought everything back together again.  It turns out friends and family do care about my photography and it also turns out that prospective clients want to know what I’m like as a person as well as wanting to know what kind of photos I take.  So we’re all joined up now with all the posts since the beginning of the blog and the photography ones since the beginning of Flying Canadian Photography and I’ll continue to let my worlds collide going forward.
So welcome to my new blog.  I do hope you enjoy it!