weekend roundup

I enjoyed this past weekend – it was a good mixture of fun and productivity.

On Saturday I met Rachel and Sarah for an afternoon of food and culture in Liverpool.  I took the opportunity to put my camera to good use at the library before heading to the gallery where we wandered around and chatted.  We stopped for some lunch and then headed to the World Museum.  I thought it was funny that us scientists spent the longest amount of time in the space exhibition. 😉

P1090799 P1090804 P1090800

On Sunday we got on with some house stuff that needed doing – very rock and roll –  but I also had a bit more of a play with my studio lights.  I was faster getting everything out this time and I am pleased with the quality of the pictures that the lights allow me to take.  Even better than that is that some of the pictures really made us giggle – so I’m capturing something unique I guess.   Do you think my subjects were getting a bit sick of me…? 😉

P1090842   P1090839P1090876

This week I am having a trip to Newbury with work, my piano lessons are back into full swing and I’ll keep an eye on the high winds that are forecast.  We are going to have the paint brushes out on the weekend but as long as we have a bit of a mix of fun in there to balance the work, I don’t mind. Hopefully Stella won’t either.