weekend recap…

Another weekend has come and gone. Seriously. Where do they go?

It started early for me on Friday afternoon as I had the afternoon off and went to the Tatton Hall Food and Drink Festival with a couple of girls from work. That was really good. There were a couple of big tents set up in the grounds of the Hall and lots of stalls selling everything from cider to fudge to pies to curry and Chinese food. There were lots of taster samples to try and entice potential buyers which we took full advantage of. There were also food demonstrations sponsored by the “Love Food, Hate Waste” campaign (www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/) – we attended a couple and learned about reducing food waste in the kitchen.

Saturday was a bit windy and showery – the perfect weather for some inside DIY. It was productive in the end for which I don’t think I can really take too much credit. We’re all ready for the new kitchen doors on account of Paul’s work and my somewhat limited assistance. We even managed to get a trip to the tip in to clear all the crap away.

On Sunday I did some food shopping and we spent the afternoon visiting Paul’s Mum and nieces and nephew. I particularly enjoyed having 3 children attached to my legs while walking and was keeping my fingers crossed my pants wouldn’t fall down!

Happy Birthday to Mum this week. Happy Day! Other than that occasion, pretty much a regular week for us. I’m off to Derby on Wednesday which should be for an interesting meeting. Friday I’m out shopping again with a girl from work and this weekend we’re home with a few bits and pieces on the proverbial list to do….