weekend in the big city…

We had a long weekend here this past weekend and I took advantage by heading to London to visit Brent. It was a long overdue trip.

The main purpose of the visit – I think we both agreed – was just to chat and catch up. It was nice to do in the back drop of the big city. On Saturday we headed to Canary Wharf to check out Brent’s very impressive office. I particularly liked the juke box and bar (with pool table included) and the conference rooms would definitely have won me over if I was a client being wooed by the agency! Canary Wharf also has every convenience one could possibly imagine requiring during a work day (hair dressers, post office, bank, restaurants, bars, chemists, and any shop you could possibly think of really) and if you have to spend a long day at work, I think it would be a pretty nice place to work. On the way back home, we stopped at Borough Market by London Bridge which was a big food market. A visual, olfactory and auditory sensory overload. We enjoyed a cookie while sitting by Borough cathedral and then headed back to Brent’s flat to settle down for some pizza and to watch the Eurovision song contest. I’ve never watched one all the way through and it was rather amusing….!

London 006 London 013 London 009
On Sunday we met Michelle for breakfast and then took a walk to Camden where Brent is planning to move to soon. It’s a cool area and I look forward to visiting him there soon. We stopped in a pub in Primrose Hill and then headed to a birthday party for a friend of Brent’s in Brixton. It was neat to see a different area of London and to meet some nice people.

London 026-1
I got home on Monday and realised that it had been the first time I’d been away from Paul overnight since we got married. Ahhhhh. We spent the afternoon exchanging weekend stories: I heard all about the DIY he’d been doing while I was away and he heard about my London adventure. I was lucky enough to have Tuesday off too (a Rolls Royce set day off) so I did some shopping and baking and met Paul for lunch in Birkenhead. I don’t get a chance to do that very often! This all means that its a nice short 3 day week for me this week and a couple of meals planned will really help to make the week fly….

Tomorrow night Sofian is coming over with his girlfriend for a BBQ (I haven’t seen him since he went to Australia nearly 4 years ago!) and on Friday night I’m meeting Robert and Julie for dinner near Holmes Chapel.

All good fun.