Wedding Photography Workshop

Last weekend I spent a day on a wedding photography workshop in Manchester.  I went across with fellow “want-to-be” wedding photographer, Denis, to the Manchester School of Photography to be tutored by our excellent trainer Paul Wolfgang Webster (

The day was structured like a real wedding day so we first took pictures of the “bride” (aka Grace) getting ready.  While we were doing this, we talked about lighting, composition and the key shots you need to get throughout the day.  There were five of us on the course and the other guys were really friendly – we were all at different points in our photography journeys so it was interesting to hear what everyone was doing.

DSC_7886 DSC_7919

Once the bride was ready, we moved on to meet the “groom” (aka Luke) waiting at the church.  There were shots of him looking at his watch, having his tie adjusted and just generally looking impatient.  We talked about shots with the best man and where to position yourself to get the optimum pictures.


Once the bride came along, we worked to try and capture candid moments in a reportage style.  Paul talked about telling the story of the day and keeping this thought in your head during the wedding.  I think that was good advice which I shall follow when it comes time for us to stop practicing and get in the hot seat…

DSC_7998 DSC_7970

After some time around the church, we moved onto a pub and tried some group shots and talked about the type of pictures you might take at a reception.  We also had some lunch there which by the time we got around to if, you’ll be surprised to hear, I was so ready for!


I left at the end of the day feeling slightly overwhelmed with all there is to know but feeling like I had a better understanding of what would be required.  I was also pleased with a few of the shots that I’d got.  I don’t think the learning stops here though – 11 months before Diane and Stuart’s wedding and our first wedding booking so I’ll use that time to take every opportunity to practice and learn.

Good thing I enjoy it!