Our foggy wedding at St. Olaf’s Church, Wasdale, Cumbria

So the day had arrived.  And it was foggy!  I seriously wasn’t bothered by this though – at least it was dry.  And a little fog in the valley could only add to the romance and tranquillity of the setting.  Wasdale is a special place (even more so now!) no matter what the weather…

I headed out early to get my hair done – I’d had a practice a few weeks previously so there was a good probability of success but you never know…  I got back to the hotel, got dressed and put a bit of make-up on.  I then took an unexpected good luck/thinking of you phone call all the way from Canada.  Melissa was  up early feeding Brooklyn!.  I headed down to the hotel lounge to wait for the photographers.  I had lots of text messages throughout the morning – we seemed to be in everyone’s thoughts.

I didn’t have to wait long in the lounge for the photographers.  They were Graeme and Linda Cameron – he was the main picture taker and she acted as his assistant.  They took quite a few of me in the hotel with my beautiful bouquet of flowers (thanks Lauren!).  It was weird being the sole focus of so many pictures but I think I ended up relaxing and there are a few good ones.


The photographers chauffeured me into the valley down the twisty little road.  Graeme left Linda and I in the car and headed to the church to get some pictures of Paul *waiting* for me.


Then it was my turn to head to the church.  I felt a bit nervous but I was looking forward to seeing Paul and being together on our day.  The minister was waiting at the door of the church for me and came out to meet us.  There were a couple of pictures outside the church and then the others went in.  I was led into the church by the minister.  There were 6 of us in the church altogether; me, Paul (of course), the minister (quite an important person in the day!), the photographer and his wife (witness 1) and the minister’s wife (witness 2).  Paul looked nervous and I think I stuck my tongue out at him – maybe to try and reassure him.  It was all very relaxed and I was immediately at ease with the minister’s words and informal approach to the service.  He read a couple of things my Mum had sent to him  – a prayer and a poem and then started to go through the service *proper*.  We both managed our vows strongly and clearly and I didn’t cry at all (this was one of my big worries….).

Once we were pronounced husband and wife, we signed the marriage register and walked out of the church as husband and wife.  There was no kissing during the service so we had to wait until we got to the door….


We then spent the next couple of hours with each other talking and just generally being so very happy while the photographers snapped away.  It was very cold though for a little dress – goodness me.  Lots of cuddling to keep warm required!

Here are a couple of our favourite pictures.

We said goodbye to the photographers at about 3:30pm– we did have a laugh with them, though – and headed to the cottage.  I was excited to find it was as lovely as the pictures.  We put on our special wedding mix CDs (courtesy of Lauren), started to make a special meal, opened champagne and then cards and gifts from family and friends.  Everyone was so thoughtful and generous.  The only time I cried all day was when I read the letter that Janet had written for us… she did such a lovely job of the specially requested letter.  Paul had to finish off reading it….

We also had written letters to each other night before which we read.  That was really special and I was pleased Paul had indulged me on that one.

My only disappointment of the day was discovering the pay phone in the cottage was not working. I had told Mum I would call her on the way to the cottage but when we knew there was a pay phone actually in the cottage we didn’t stop. The journey back to the nearest phone box was a bumpy 2 mile drive down a narrow, twisting, bumpy road. We decided it was worth the effort as it would’ve been the one regret of the day. It was only a short phone call as we were pulled over at the side of the road (with the lights left on in Frank to make sure no one drove into him!) but making the effort to trundle down the bumpy lane in the van at 10pm at night was worth it.

I guess I’ve kind of summarised the day and the key things that happened but I think no matter how I write this blog, I’ll always be disappointed with it.  I just don’t think I’m a talented enough to capture the love and happiness that I felt that day.  It may sound cliché but there is nothing I would change about the day and it was the happiest day ever.  I wish we could get married everyday! Red heart