Wedding bells

My wedding photography duties have kicked into high gear over the past couple of weekends – it’s that time of year, I guess!  I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of these special days and I’m learning so much.  And it’s fun too.

As a way to reflect on these weddings, I’ve chosen my 3 favourite pictures from each and I’ve described why I like them best.

Bride and Groom: Pippa & Dave

Venue(s): Woolton Picture House & Oh Me Oh My

  1. The confetti shot.  I like this because I think it captures the picture house where the ceremony was held well and Pippa and Dave are in the moment getting showered by confetti. DSC_4432-Edit
  2. Oh Me Oh My was a really great venue for the wedding reception with the Liver Buildings just across the road and the bride and groom continued the movie theme here with their staging. DSC_0086
  3. This little guy loved the camera and the camera loved him.  He was the best man’s son and by the end of the day he was asleep in the corner with his Dad while Mum watched on.  Very cute. DSC_4644

Bride and Groom: Katie and Dan 

Venue(s): St. Andrew’s Church, Queens Drive & The Liner Hotel

  1. We spent a lot of time in the morning with the girls at the hairdresser and then back at the bride’s home as they got ready.  Katie’s Mum was obviously very happy about her daughter getting married as well as about the groom she’d chosen.  She was quite nervous too which for me just emphasised to everyone how important the day was for her.    DSC_9447
  2. The bride’s niece was the flower girl – she was a little shy but we made friends and I think you’ll agree that she’s as cute as a button. DSC_9637
  3. What about Dan’s expression here?!  It was all in jest – he was genuinely a very happy man – but I just got this one at the right moment.  Too funny. DSC_9672

Bride and Groom: Lauren and Alan

Venue(s): St. Joseph the Worker Church, Kirby & Hope Street Hotel

  1. St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Kirkby was lovely and light and my wide angle lens was in its element getting a few pre-ceremony pictures both inside and outside.DSC_5073-1
  2. Again with the little people and another flower girl.  This was Lauren and Alan’s daughter.  She had a great day with her cousins and family. DSC_5254-Edit-Edit
  3. The reception was at Hope Street Hotel.  On the 5thfloor of the hotel there is a beautiful room with banks of windows on two sides and a balcony.  It was a lovely day and this space really came into its element.  I particularly liked the view of the very distinctively shaped Metropolitan Cathedral.  DSC_0900

The next adventure is Saturday for Emily and Rob’s big day.  And this time it’s Denis and I working together.  I’m looking forward to getting some nice pictures for them.   Congratulations Emily and Rob!