walking and talking in the peak district ….

I was away with work on a training course – again – last week but that meant I had Friday off.  I spent the day feeling happy to be home, doing some gardening and getting ready for our camping trip to the Peak District.

The weekend weather forecast was a bit changeable so we weren’t surprised to be walking in showers on Saturday.  We walked over moorland, through valleys, passed caves and old railway tunnels.  The stepping stones allowing us to continue our walk along the River Wye were really cool too.  A most enjoyable (if not slightly muddy and wet) 10 miles in total.

Buxton & Nuclear Cake 014 Buxton & Nuclear Cake 024  Buxton & Nuclear Cake 035 Buxton & Nuclear Cake 040 Buxton & Nuclear Cake 030

On Sunday we walked from the town of Bakewell to Chatsworth house in much better weather.  Afterwards we had a wander around a very busy Bakewell and bought a Bakewell Tart to bring home.  I read that the first time one of these tarts was made, it was actually a mistake.  However they were invented, they are most enjoyable and I think the consumption of one is pretty much mandatory of any trip to this town.

Buxton & Nuclear Cake 045 Buxton & Nuclear Cake 052

Walking in the Peak District is different from walking in Wales.  In Wales there are lots of bigger mountains to walk up but often the surrounding scenery stays pretty constant.  The views – because they are “from above” – can be spectacular.  The Peak District seems to have more pubs and villages that crop up on the walks we’ve been on.   And although the views aren’t from as great a height, there is more change in what you see throughout the walk.  I love camping and walking and it is good to have a couple of really nice, not too far away options to choose from for weekends away.

I think my weekend highlight was a game we played on Saturday night where we tried to reveal things to each other about ourselves that the other didn’t know already.  (This was after cooking our first meal on our latest camping accessory, the Cobb http://cobb-bbq.co.uk/spec.html….which is very cool, by the way! )  I think Paul was surprised to find out that my childhood imaginary friend’s name was Bobby and I was perhaps slightly less surprised to find that Paul used to trade his lunch money in for a bag of sweets and by some careful daily wheeling and dealing of the said sweets, was able to finish the week with a few £’s in his pocket.

The next camping trip on the agenda is Cumbria at the beginning of July.  That’s for a whole week.  Hurray – a nice long break from work.  Lauren and Davoud are coming for the first bit of the trip including a planned ascent of Scafell.  If all goes according to plan, after that, all 4 of us will be able to accurately claim we’ve climbed the highest peaks in each of England, Scotland and Wales.