visitors from Canada…

This is a blog about a short but very sweet visit from Mum and her minister and friend, Kim, on their way to a retreat house in the south of England.  They came a week ago on Thursday morning and left on Monday.  I enjoyed spending time with them and we had some really nice days out.  It was nice to catch up with Mum in the flesh and to get to know Kim better.  To summarise some of the highlights:

  • Best shopping trip – Chester
  • Best musical preview – the choir practicing in Chester cathedral while we were taking a look around
  • Best trip out of the country and to a castle – Conwy
  • Best meal out – The Wheatsheaf, Raby.
  • Best takeaway – Fish and Chips from Georgios made to the usual exceptional standard
  • Best trip down memory lane – Mum putting her feet in the Irish Sea at Moreton.  Now that’s cold!
  • Funniest thing – Kim getting “accosted” by two police officers during Oxton’s Secret Garden’s Day
  • Best treat – Benny Bully’s (Stella)
  • Biggest fine – What Kim owe’s to the swear box after some wine and story telling over dinner one night!  Very funny.
  • Best barman – The very proud owner of the Green Lodge, Hoylake who went above and beyond a basic level of customer service to bring us samples and tell us about his guest ales and the cleanliness of his cellar
  • Hardest part – Saying goodbye.  As always…. I hated the Atlantic Ocean that day.

It was all a bit of a whirlwind and it felt a bit like we’d had a taster of a visit rather than something which was a more preferable, longer length but it was rather wonderful none the less.  We said good-bye Monday morning at Lime Street Station in Liverpool as they headed off on their adventure and I on mine: an International Radiation Protection Conference in Glasgow.  But more on that later…!