veni, vidi, vici by the Canadians!

That’s “we came, we saw, we conquered”….

We so enjoyed a visit from Nadine, Paul, Justin and Alyssa a couple of week ago.  It was their first trip to the UK and they did a bit of a two centre holiday spending some time with us in the Northwest and then some time in London.

They arrived into Liverpool Lime Street Friday afternoon and once everyone got settled and Stella got over the excitement of it all, we made some pizza, played some games and had a good catch up.  Saturday started out rather wet – we headed to Liverpool and spent the morning around the Albert Dock and the museum.  After lunch we headed up to the cathedral.  Things improved dramatically on the weather front for Sunday.  So much so that we decided to head into North Wales and go up Moel Fammau.  I think everyone enjoyed the walk, not least Stella who loves it when her pack is bigger than just Paul and I.  There was a race being held starting from the car park at the base of the mountain which caused us some initial parking concerns, however, we got there in the end.  It was a bit windy at the top but we stopped for a look at the view and to have a little snack.  Once we got back down, we set up a BBQ and had a really yummy picnic by the stream at the bottom.

On the way home, we decided it would be fun to stop at Birkenhead Park and play a little cricket.  Very British.  And then there was the last Liverpool football match of the season to be watched by the boys when we got in.  Very stereotypically, we girls weren’t interested in football, so we played some games and did some drawing instead.

On Monday, it was off to North Wales again and this time our destination was Conwy Castle.  Conwy is a lovely town to explore so we spent a few hours there and had some lunch (Welsh tea!) in a little tea room.  On the way back home, we stopped in Chester.  It is always nice to wander down by the river and up through the town.  We popped into the cathedral as well and found somewhere for gelato (although gelato was not as welcome for the younger folk as ice cream would have been) on the way back to the car.  The Merkley-DoCouto clan’s last evening at Palm Hill finished with fish and chips from the local fish and chip shop.  Oh my.  How many chips…? 😉

Tuesday was the day that the train was booked to take the gang back to London so we were all feeling a little sad.  We headed to Liverpool early and spent the morning having a wander around the city centre into the library, Liverpool one, Matthew Street and then headed to Lime Street for the train.  I was glad we had a couple of hours to do this little tour as we’d missed it on Saturday when the weather was so wet.

The best thing for me about the visit was getting to know Justin and Alyssa and being able to properly catch up with Nadine and Paul.  It is hard when we come back to Canada and have so many people to see in a short amount of time that you don’t get to see anyone properly.  (My) Paul hadn’t met them before and I knew everyone would get along well but it was nice seeing it all come together.  I do hope they come back again soon.