Well the past few weeks have been pretty “kitchen focused”.  Painting took a long, long time.  My quote of the experience was that it was never ending.   Not quite but it certainly felt like it painting that first coat on the bare plaster!  The floor tiles have also arrived and work has begun on the floor front too.  Progress is being made and the Christmas finish date I had in mind should be achievable. 

We have made a bit of time for fun stuff too, though.  For instance:

  • We celebrated moversary with a trip to the local Mexican restaurant that we hadn’t tried yet but had been on “the list” for a while.  We happened to be there for 2 for 1 fajitas night so we took advantage of that. 
  • I went to see a matinee on Saturday with Rachel.  It was called “Stories from an Invisible Town” (www.invisibletownstories.co.uk) and was presented by 2 brothers and a sister who’d grown up on Angelsey.   It was at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool but was in the small studio which made for a really informal and friendly atmosphere and a truly 1 on 1 feeling with the family.  They relived a lot of memories from their childhood in a way which made you think a lot about yours – and laugh along the way too.  
  • We went for a walk on the beach on Sunday morning with Jayne, Paul and the kids – and Stella too, of course.  We were going to go out to Hilbre but the fog was quite thick so we decided to stick closer to the shore to ensure we didn’t end up wandering aimlessly in the fog trying to find land.  
  • During the week, I have been having lunch dates with some friends I haven’t seen for a while at Capenhurst.  It’s been really great catching up and as getting off site for lunch is a bit of a hassle, it’s been nice having something to look forward to onsite instead.
  • Watching James Bond whenever we can on the Sky Movies 007 channel which is running all the movies non-stop for a month in celebration of Skyfall coming out…  

This week is another busy one.  I have a long work day on Monday with a trip to my office in Warrington after work and the usual piano lesson, dog training and stuff around the house the rest of the week.  I’m looking forward to being off on Friday although it is to baby sit the dog while the plumbers are in the house installing the radiators…!