Well I’m sorry to tell all the Mum’s out there but I am officially the “Bestest Mum” – or at least that was what the card said that I got from Stella this year on Mother’s Day (UK)…! Very cute. Made my day. I did try to tell Stella that her Mum was actually a dog but Paul said I was upsetting her…

I try to write something for my blog every week but seem to be getting behind with that frequency so here is a catch up since my last blog on what we’ve been up to including some pictures to go along with the stories:

Last Saturday we went to a vintage fair in Liverpool in the crypt of the Metropolitan cathedral. There was quite a selection of vintage clothes, bags, shoes and other paraphernalia but the thing that impressed me the most was the venue. What an amazing place.


Last Sunday was our nephew, Josh’s 10th Double digits. Happy Birthday, Josh. We went for lunch together – it was fun to be together as always… He seemed to be enjoying himself anyways which is the main thing!


I also found out on Sunday that my entry to the Ness Garden’s photo competition had won a category prize. Well that’s a nice surprise isn’t it.


I went to my MeetUp group on Wednesday and got a couple of pictures I was pleased with – the theme was “how slow can you go” so there was a bit of light painting which was kind of fun. On Wednesday as well I met with a photographer who I am going to (hopefully) do some second shooting/assistant work for on some weddings this year. This will be really good if it happens and mean that I should be ready for Diane and Stuart’s wedding in September. That’s the idea anyways!


On Friday afternoon I finished work early and met my friend Emily at the amazing Davenports Tea Room for afternoon tea. It was my treat as it’s her birthday this Friday. It is an amazing place and I enjoyed the sandwiches and desserts so much. Each cake and sandwich had a story about how it was made, who made it or where the ingredients had come from. We agreed that we must go back again as a foursome. I suggested that would be something good to do at Christmas time and I am looking forward to it already.


On Saturday I went to the Lowry to see the ballet “Romeo and Juliet” with Rachel on one of our regular culture trips. I enjoyed it but I wish I’d reminded myself a bit of the story ahead of time as although I could follow the main storyline, some of the other secondary stories I had completely forgotten about. The athleticism of the dancers is amazing to watch – if I was anywhere near that strong or flexible I’d be delighted. We had lunch before the show (which including an all-you-can-eat salad bar so I was happy) and I also got there early enough to wander around Salford Quays and take a few pictures.


On Sunday I went to my yoga class – I do love that ritual – and then we went out for dinner to Sheldrake’s on Sunday evening. The reason for going there is that I’m talking to some people about potentially doing their wedding photography in 2017 this week and that is where they are having their reception. (I know – my first potential real clients.) We both enjoyed ourselves though and it is a lovely setting for a wedding so we’ll see how my “pitch” with the soon to be married couple goes now.


So that brings us to this week. I love that the days are getting longer and it isn’t actually raining today. Spring is here!