The past week has been all about getting properly back into the swing of things at work.  The first week back after New Year was a bit disjointed with my *holiday* in Oxford and with having the Friday off.  It was actually good to be in the office all week this week.  I felt like I moved forward with a couple of things I’ve been working on and I’m feeling more comfortable in my new role at work.  I have *officially* transitioned into the Health Physics and Safety Manager role which I was interviewed for this time last year.  A bit of a long, frustrating time waiting for the day to arrive but hopefully I can get into it now and adjust to more responsibility and managing people….
Paul and I have been out and about seeing movies (Role Models – pretty funny), eating dinner out (Frankie and Bennies – nothing to write home about) and touring around Chester.  We were supposed to head up to the Lake District this weekend to go walking with Annalie and her husband, Paul but (my) Paul ended up having to pick his motorcycle up today because of some problems during its service in the week.  We’re heading up next weekend instead.  It will probaby be the last time I see my friend Annalie before her and Paul emigrate to New Zealand probably next month – now that is exciting… It’s a great opportunity for them..Smile…but it also sad for me as a friend moves far away.Crying  But we’ll keep in touch, I’m sure.
At the end of the month, Brent is coming up to visit again which will be fun.  No doubt he will help to make some decisions that I’ve been dithering over since I last saw him in December.  Our little joke. Wink