Tour of Britain

Yesterday I said good-bye to Steve, Tracy, Luke and Anna after spending a few days with them on their “tour of Britain”.  I’m really glad I got to see them even if it was for just a short time – it had been 8 years since I’d seen them last and Anna hadn’t even been born yet.  Far too long and we must make sure that doesn’t happen again…!

I met them at Penrith train station on Friday where we enjoyed our afternoon in Keswick before traveling on to Ambleside (via the Grasmere Gingerbread shop)!  We stayed overnight in Ambleside which gave us a chance to walk up Todd Crag the next morning before heading home to experience a very British tradition – an Indian takeaway.

P1130564-Edit P1130579


The next day the sights of Liverpool were taken in via a walking tour which included the two cathedrals, the docks, the Cavern Club (which was featuring a Beatles tribute band!) and the shops.  We had fun making pizza in the evening after sitting out in the garden in the sun – a bit of a rarity!

On Monday we headed over to Wales – and to Conwy in particular.  This pretty town with the castle perched above it is in an ideal location for views of the hills and the sea.  After touring the castle and walking around the old town walls, we went for another British food related tradition – afternoon tea!

P1130585 P1130593

On Tuesday we headed down to the Harry Potter Studio tours just north of London.  I had heard from some of my adult friends that it was very good (even without kids) and Luke was a big fan of the movies so I figured we were onto a winner.  It didn’t disappoint and we wandered around the set learning about the make-up and props and seeing the sets – even riding broomsticks – for a good few hours.  I was particularly partial to Hagrid’s dog!


When we were done I took them to the train station and said good-bye so they could head to central London to carry on their tour.  My drive home was quiet and I don’t mind saying that I felt a little bit sad.  🙁

It was really nice to have them all around – for me it was less about the things we did and more about the time we got to spend together.  I particularly enjoyed the recitals the kids put on for us on a couple of the evenings that they stayed with us involving piano duet composition and some acting.  Luke is a very talented piano player with the gift of being able to play by ear and Anna is a real charismatic performer.  I also enjoyed the (uncensored) chats that the four adults had when the kids had gone to bed and I’m really glad that Paul finally has had a chance to meet these guys.

Thanks for coming and see you all soon. 🙂