the white stuff…

  It’s snowing here today! Although the tolerance for winter weather in this country is far less than “the mother country”, there has been little disruption in Northwest England in terms of people getting around and about. Brent tells me that it’s a different story in London, though where it’s a snow day – which I am quite envious of. More snow is expected this week but usually the Wirral escapes the worst of the weather. It’s the moderating effects of the rivers on either side of the peninsula and the Irish sea at the top that I blame.


Speaking of Brent, he visited this weekend. We had a nice Thai meal, a long walk, general catching up time and a party. Yesterday was Paul’s first birthday party. (Well – not the first birthday he’s ever had, obviously, but the first party this year to celebrate his birthday which is actually next weekend.) Nine of us sat down (Paul, Brent, Lauren, Davoud, Nick, Harriet, Pete, Seamus and me) for a meal of lasagne, garlic bread, salads and malteaser cake (which was made by Lauren). Overindulgence was the word of the day. It was my first time making lasagne and thankfully I had the assistance of Paul and Brent as I guess I picked a recipe that was quite involved. It was yummy, though so may have been worth the effort. It was great to see everyone. Little Seamus has changed so much since the last time I saw him – he’s a gorgeous little thing.

This week Paul and I are having a meal out tomorrow night for our “date night” and I’m going to visit Helen, Francis and Owen as well. Next weekend for Paul’s birthday “proper”, we’re going out for a meal on Saturday night with some of Paul’s friends and Sunday his family is coming over for lunch and cake. Do I sense overindulgence part 2? Party