the warm weather continues…

I had two lovely evenings in the lead up to the weekend starting with a dinner with Helen and Harriet in Oxton on Thursday.  We enjoyed a plentiful selection of tapas at “The Courtyard” and the usual, excellent catch-up.  This was followed by fish and chips (which actually turned out to be quiche and salad – much more suitable in the warm weather) with Robert and Andy on Friday.  The temperature gauge said 31C when I was driving there and we enjoyed sitting out on their patio until it was time to go home… No blankets, hats or other winter accessories required this time.

On Saturday night Paul and I went to see a rather spectacular performance of Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.  It was called Tubular Bells for Two ( and the 30 instrument, 8 artist original performance was replicated on stage by just 2 very talented Australian guys called Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts.  Their co-ordination, pre-planning and instrumental ability was jaw dropping.  It seemed a blurry whirlwind as they bounded around the stage barefooted from instrument to instrument definitely doing justice to the original score.  Impressive.

On Sunday, I took Stella out for an early morning walk before the sun reached full force.  I took my camera with me and enjoyed taking some pictures and playing around with some of the more manual settings of the camera while Stella waited – patiently? – for me to throw her the ball.  Excellent stuff.

P1010509 P1010518

In the afternoon, we celebrated Jayne’s birthday party with a BBQ, some cake and a game of scrabble.  We also made some bunting and there were a couple of rounds of hide and seek of course.  It was nice to plan a BBQ which when it came to the day, we were actually able to enjoy outside – definitely a rarity.


This week the forecast is mentioning showers and thundershowers which it hasn’t done for a few weeks – apparently the heat wave is over.  Hopefully that just means the temperature will be down a few degrees and maybe a few scattered showers rather than any more significant lowering in the weather standards that we’ve got used to over the past couple of weeks…