The “Two Faces” of Blackpool….

Like the super villain “Two Face” from Batman, my first trip to Blackpool presented me to a town of two guises….

I liked the first face very much.  It was the promenade and the buzz around it with the fairs and the families and the rock and the cotton candy.  I liked the Victorian piers and the postcards and tacky magnets.  Our campsite was a short walk from the promenade and we walked the length of it from the Pleasure Beach all the way to the Tower. 

Blackpool 023 Blackpool 056

Blackpool 005

Once we got to the tower we turned into town and I became exposed to the second face of Blackpool.  This was the side of Blackpool that I had heard about.  It was the bars and the seediness and the signs of overconsumption even early in the afternoon.  Although it was fair to say I wasn’t as enamoured with this side of things as I was to the prom, it was rather more amusing than I was expecting as I watched the group of guys dancing around the karaoke bar in the middle of the afternoon and the lady sitting outside another establishment waving her hands up and down to the lyrics of The Village People….

We headed back to the prom as night fell to enjoy fish and chips and then the illuminations.  This was what we were there to see.  I especially loved the chance to try out taking some pictures of the lights.  Apparently they aren’t as good as they used to be due to a reduction in investments and a fire in a depot which damaged many of the lights but I was impressed.  

 Blackpool 035 Blackpool 046 Blackpool 037

I feel I can comfortably tick Blackpool off my bucket list now…. Will I go back?  I think its one of those, “been there, done that” things for the moment but I wouldn’t be opposed to another trip in the future.  

When we got home there were celebrations in the form of Ella and Hannah’s 9th birthday party including cake shaped like a Tae Kwon-do jersey.  Yes please.  Happy Birthday Girls!