the run up to Christmas….

Well we had a busy weekend in the end.  It started on Friday night when I met Helen and Harriet for a lovely meal at a traditional pub in Raby on the Wirral. Highly recommended and I hope to make plans to go there again soon.  The food was lovely and despite the wait to get a table, the staff made us feel very welcome.

On Saturday morning there was an organised dog walk at Arrowe Park which we joined in on.  Stella had a little run with a lurcher and then helped out getting the confidence of a shy Springer Spaniel up.  She was a star with him acting quite calm at first and then encouraging him to play.  On Saturday evening we headed to see Julie and Stuart and the puppies in Kingsley and met Robert and Andy there.  It was nice to see everyone before Christmas.  Stuart got up to the usual tricks by making two beautiful desserts.  Stella came with us but I think may have been slightly overwhelmed with the 2 energetic collie pups.

Sunday we had another craft day with the kids.  They were much more hyper this time than the last time they came over.  I guess that’s what happens when Christmas approaches….  We finished off our Christmas decorations, baked a cake, did some colouring and they watched a movie as well.  Jayne and Paul came back for dinner and to taste the chocolate smarties cake we made.


The weather forecast is looking more and more wintery here now but I am going through one of my periods of amazement at the UK weather.  It’s a very small country yet there is heavy snow in one part of it and temperatures of almost 10C in the other.  Strong winds in one bit and another is calm.  I guess growing up used to more “steady” Canadian weather still causes me occasionally to stop and think about this!  How much weather can there be in such a small place?

We’re all looking forward to the break at Christmas time, however, I am very late with my Christmas cards this year.  Sorry if they arrive after the 25th!  I’m usually much more organised than this….  Note to self for next year.