the risk paid off…

When I booked a camping weekend at the beginning of November, I knew it could be a bit risky.  Maybe there would be frost and a cold night in the van?  Probably there would be rain.  And with the short days of limited light, long walks running into the evening would definitely be off the agenda.

But the risk paid off this weekend…. We had a wonderful time in Betws-y-coed, North Wales.  The drive across in the dark and rain on Friday night in rush hour traffic did make me have second thoughts but once we arrived, the rain stopped and the next two days were dry and sunny.  We did two walks in Gwydyr forest park ( which we are enjoying discovering with its colour marked paths, great views and convenience to the camp site.  Stella was very pleased to be able to run free smelling squirrels, rabbits, other dogs and friendly people too and there was lots of water both clean and more preferably it seems to her, very muddy, to get in along the way.  We stayed warm at night with our heater, electric blanket and the hot water bottle that is Stella in between us in the bed.  Success.

The campsite in Betws-y-coed is by far the most posh campsite we stay at and we often feel that we let the side down as our bright orange 30 year old camper van sits amongst the shiny white brand new caravans towed by land rovers as well as motorhomes costing the same as a house.  But the nature of the site has its benefits.  The heated toilet block is immaculate… and did I say heated?  The staff are efficient and the pitches are large and flat.  This is the second time we’ve been this year and we will go back next year too.

We were a bit disappointed that the fireworks display for Bonfire night on the 5th of November was scheduled for Sunday night (the 6th?!) rather than the 5th itself (when we were in the village) but if that’s our only complaint about the weekend – that can’t be too bad.

Evidence would suggest, however, that a weekend of fresh air and walking tired all of us out….