the perils of dog ownership….

Paul’s Mum’s funeral was on Wednesday and everything went smoothly. From what I can recall, it was a very nice service. As I felt my primary duty on the day was to put my own feelings aside and be there for Paul, I maintained composure during the service but in doing so wasn’t able to take it all in…. I guess now the funeral is over we’re all now getting used to the new “normal” which is a weird place to be.

In the meantime, I’ve been having some “incidents” with dogs. Apparently, these are dangerous animals who seem to think I’m either a) invisible, b) a big toy or c) a lamp post!

The first incident occurred last weekend when we went on an organised dog walk arranged through our dog school. There must have been about 15-20 dogs that “walked” off their leads for the hour circuit around Arrowe Park. Stella loved it but I got into a bit of trouble when a Boxer and Labrador were “walking” (i.e. running at top speed with four limbs tangled together) and having so much fun they didn’t notice me and ran right into me. My leg was very sore and walking was pretty painful for a few days. I took a week off the gym to recover…. Although its still not 100%, it’s feeling much better now.

The second episode occurred on the morning of the funeral. We took Stella to the park for a little run first thing in the morning and a Golden Retriever was quite excited about her being there and came running over to her. She ended up wrapping herself around my legs as she did the mad circular run that she does. I tried to untangle myself and as I was a bit wary of my sore leg, I didn’t quite get my balance right and ended up falling down right on my bum. Fortunately that didn’t hurt at all and gave us something to smile about on a hard day….

The final occurrence in this particular series happened the following day – again in the park. We came across the Springer Spaniel Henry and his owner who we’d met before. Henry was pleased to see us all but seemed particularly fascinated with my shoes and whatever scent I was carrying around on them and peed on them – twice! They have since been washed and are now scent free!

So this is what dog ownership is all about….!?