the *perfect* afternoon lunch followed by *imperfect* curtain making

After a spot of hot Pilates on Saturday morning, I met Helen and Harriet for lunch in Tarporley at a pub called the Rising Sun.  Tarporley is a quaint spot and the Rising Sun is a lovely, traditional pub with a maze of little rooms decorated in keeping with the age of the building, friendly staff, and excellent food.  I had a coronation chicken salad which filled me to the brim.  After lunch we had a wander in the little shops in Tarporley and a hot drink before saying good-bye and heading home.  It was nice to catch up with Helen and Harriet as always.

On Sunday, it was all hands on deck to finish off the curtains for the living room and bedroom.  Unfortunately this was not smooth sailing and after the thread broke about a hundred times, then the needle decided to follow suit which resulted in proceedings finishing for the day due to a replacement not being available!  So the curtains still remain unfinished after lots of activity.  Ho hum.  The new needle(s)! have been ordered now though and the target for completion is next Sunday and I’m trying to think of the money we’ve saved by not having them made. 

Fortunately Paul fared better painting the windows in the front of the house getting all the undercoating done and the first coat of gloss on. 

This week I’m aware that my piano exam is a little over a week away now so getting ready for that will be occupying my thoughts and time.   And it’s getting to that time of year again…. Although I have started the Christmas baking, I keep thinking its time to start writing my cards for Canada too!  And we’ve already got a date in the diary for putting up the Christmas tree – November 30th.  Hurray! J