the holiday part 2: visit from Mum and Dad

So it was straight back from our meanderings around South Wales to Palm Hill to welcome Mum and Dad.  They arrived at Manchester a few days earlier and had been taking a trip around Lincolnshire and Derbyshire before coming to Merseyside.

As usual the visit felt way too short and I felt sad when it was time to take them to the airport.  It looks like I wasn’t the only one:

We didn’t travel too far from home but managed to keep busy enough celebrating October birthday’s early, watching the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, eating scones, going to the shore, eating ice cream, walking Stella, printing pictures, eating fish and chips, buying seeds and books and just generally enjoying each others company.  I am already looking forward to the next chance we get to spend time together…. Hopefully in the spring.

Here are some pictures from the visit and a “top 5” of my most favourite things about the visit:

1. Being together and it feeling completely normal as if we can do it all the time.

2. Going to see the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

3. Watching Stella showing her delight that Mum was sitting on her bean bag.

4. Eating cake.  Lots of it.

5a. My Dad and Paul’s conversation about unions based on experience they’d had at Ford and Vauxhall respectively.  Dad: “At Ford a lot of the lazy people joined the union to get time away from work.”  Paul: “It’s like that everywhere. I was in the union.”

5b (I know that’s cheating a bit…).  Going to the sea a lot.

So back to work on Monday (boo) and a bit of a change as I’m starting a piece of work at Capenhurst – it’s been a couple of years since I left there so it’ll be nice to see some of the familiar faces and people who made me smile then.  Hopefully because of my experience on site, it won’t seem too new and I’ll be able to hit the ground running…. 🙂