The Flying Canadian and Her Flying Dog!

Well Stella competed in her very first agility competition yesterday at the annual show of the Wirral Alsatian Training Society that we train with…

By all accounts, she did well for her first show.  She was distracted by the referee in the ring of the first run and wanted to say hello.  The referee kindly obliged her and then we were on the way… There were some smells to smell along route and moments where focus was a bit lacking which led to our elimination.  (I later learned this is quite common and more dogs get eliminated that get around with a clear round!) The second run shortly afterwards on a different course went a lot better as we both got into the swing of things…  Just a few penalties on that one but we didn’t get eliminated!  Next goal, a clear round!

Paul did great taking these pictures and I think we do look like we’re enjoying ourselves a bit – which is the main thing.


P1080123  P1080143P1080125

Once Stella had done her bit, Paul took her home while I stayed on to volunteer helping out on one of the rings.  It was a perfect day for this kind of activity: sunny but not to hot.  I enjoyed watching all the other dogs, laughing at their unique approaches and I think I learned quite a lot about good and not so good (!) dog handling.    It was nice to get to know some of the people in the club a bit better too.

One of the things I learned about agility is that it is a bit logistically difficult as it really requires two of you – Paul looked after Stella while I walked the courses and helped out on the rings.  So I don’t think Stella and I will be competing regularly but I think it will be quite fun to have a go every once in a while…

All of Sunday’s excitement and activity did make Stella quite tired so that has got to count for a great success even if we didn’t come home with a rossette!