the day before….

This is the first of a three part wedding blog trilogy…. Make sure you keep reading to get the “full” story!

This day felt like the *real* start of things.  We drove up to Cumbria in the late morning of the 16th of March.  Frank was packed with all sorts of stuff required for the wedding and honeymoon (including one night camping!).  On the way up, he had a pre-photo shoot *bath* in anticipation of his stardom to come the following day.

Paul dropped me off at the hotel where I was staying on his way to our honeymoon cottage with Frank.  We decided it was worth the effort and cost to stay apart the night before.  I think it was a really good decision, because it gave us both time to think about what we meant to each other and to be filled with anticipation about seeing each other the following day.

I felt emotional as Paul was leaving the hotel as I realised that the next time I would see him would be waiting at the alter.  So many strong emotions all at once – feeling thankful, happy, nervous, lots and lots of love and anticipation – it was all just a bit overwhelming!

After he left, I had a good cry Crying and then I explored a little goody bag Helen had given me for “the night before”.  I enjoyed the chocolates, pink champagne and the other lovely goodies too.  There was also a card from Brent with a little book of friendship and a cameo pin.  I was also getting texts and messages on my phone throughout the evening – everyone was thinking of us.  Very touching indeed.

Wedding 013 Wedding 008

The hotel was lovely and the owners really looked after me.  They knew why I was there and were so excited for me.  I now can’t imagine having stayed anywhere else.  The hotel became part of it all.

That evening, I had a lovely meal in the hotel restaurant and was back in my room pretty early reading through the wedding service to prepare myself to say (and more particularly) hear the vows the following day.   I also started to write a wedding journal to preserve my thoughts and feelings about these special few days.

“Tomorrow I will be a married woman.”  Love it…