taking the turkey for a walk…

Well – one week into the new job. Sadly, no longer a lady of leisure….

It was a bit tough that first morning and I felt a bit sad that the most wonderful month ever was over. However, I think it was definitely time to get back into the swing of working. They were so organised for me on the first day with a detailed induction plan, a car parking space, a desk, a computer etc etc. Everyone seems friendly and helpful too. It is weird being the new girl, though and not knowing anyone or anything…. And its weird not having friends at work. I’m sure that’ll come with time. The commuting (big worry) has been o.k. so far although I have been getting up very early to get to the gym near to work and miss the bulk of the morning traffic.

Work wise, it seems a bit slow getting into things. Apparently the work front is pretty quiet but I’ve picked up a job creating an internal procedure so that’ll keep me going for a while.

Last weekend was lovely. We cycling for 20 miles around the Wirral. I didn’t like the bits on the roads much but there weren’t many of them. We cycled all along the sea front and back through Arrowe Park. As the weather was so nice, we decided to head to Wales on Sunday morning and clocked up another 8 miles (walking, this time) in and around Offa’s Dyke. On the way back to the car with about a mile to go, we ended up getting followed by a turkey. Seriously. This turkey stayed with us for about a mile down the road into the village we’d parked in. Bizarre. If you don’t believe it look at this….

 Offa's Dyke & Chickenhead 011
This weekend (our first “mo”versary – a term borrowed from Melissa!) we’re planning on going for a walk, having some Thai food on Saturday and perhaps hosting Paul’s family for Sunday lunch provided the kids are chicken pox free by then!

Let’s hope this weather keeps up!