swindale valley…

Yesterday we drove up to Keld, near Shap, in Cumbria and met Annalie, Paul and their dog Pepper for a walk.  You could see snow on the tops of the fells and mountains as we got near to the start of the walk but I didn’t think that the walk we picked would actually take us up into it.  But it did…. And it was proper snow too.  Some of the drifts were quite deep indeed and it was easy to be “fooled” and step (or fall!) into snow up to the knee or waist.  Even Pepper was tricked.  Funny.  I quickly learned it was best *not* to walk in the front!  The benefits of alternative forms of transport to walking were also debated.  Those rating highly in the discussion included snow shoes and skidoos.

It was a perfect day for walking, actually.  It was dry, not very windy and not really even that cold.  We got a bit lost from the intended route by following a farmer’s track rather than a proper “right of way” but we eventually ended up finding ourselves.  Swindale seems to be a very remote and barren place.  We only saw a few people all day and there were times when I looked around and all I could see was snow covered fells.

We finished off the walk with a late lunch in a pub in Shap.  By the time we’d finished eating, my legs were already getting stiff.  They don’t feel too bad today though.  It was great to get out in the fresh air and get some good exercise and spend time with friends.

Here are some pictures of the walk.  Check out the snow!

Swindale Walk 001 Swindale Walk 014 Swindale Walk 012

Going walking up there was actually more of an excuse to see Annalie and Paul off on their New Zealand adventure which really is pending now…. Good luck, guys!