sweet weekend….

This past weekend Brent came up for a visit from London. This was the first “sweet” thing about the weekend. It was very nice to see him and we got caught up on each others lives. He also met Stella who was quite enamoured with him after her initial wariness of this new, very tall person. 😉 We did some shopping, walking and watched a couple of movies. And lots of “hanging out” – university style. Nothing too exciting, really. There were some rain showers for the first time in ages which we largely managed to avoid.

I baked up a storm too and tried not to eat everything I made. I thought Saturday night’s nut roast was rather yummy but my favourites were the Nanaimo bars which are just up my street on the sweetness scale. So that makes Nanaimo bars the second sweet thing about the weekend.

After dropping Brent at the train station on Sunday, Paul and I went to visit his sister and family. This is a pretty routine feature in our weekends but I mention it here because little 5 year old Josh came over to the car when we were leaving and shyly told us, “I like it when you come…” which was heart warming and made us smile for the rest of the evening. This was the third sweet thing about the weekend.

In other rather big news for me, I’m going to be moving to a different job at the end of June after we get back from Canada. Things in my current role have been very quiet. The work that was expected to come in just hasn’t so I’ve been doing a lot of stuff that isn’t within my core skills and there has been a lot of down time. So although I didn’t really want to be in a position of moving to something else after just over a year, I really think from a career point of view I need to move on to continue getting good experience and keeping my interest up. I’m going to a consultancy across the car park from my current office with more flexibility in the way they work and some interesting contracts with major people in the industry. You can check them out here: www.nuclear.co.uk. I’m sad about saying good-bye to some friendly people here but looking forward to finding out what I’ve got myself into over there! 😉