summer is here….?

As seems to be happening in Canada as well, summer has arrived early in the UK. Apparently – although I wouldn’t be surprised if it all changed tomorrow…. With temperatures in the 20’s this weekend, everyone has been out enjoying the weather. There are some red faces around and about!

Brent was up from London and I was glad to be given the opportunity to demonstrate that the North does get good weather sometimes. We had a picnic, played Frisbee, went out for lunch, watched Dawson’s Creek & Gossip Girl, ate banoffee pie, made homemade pizza. We went to the beach twice (Crosby and West Kirby) and also had a great walk in Chester; walking out of the city through a park called the Chester Approach and coming back into it along the river. We were all deciding which of the multi-million pound houses backing onto the river we would choose to live in.

Stella was very enamoured with her “Uncle Brent”. She was always looking for an opportunity to sneak a lick of his face or just generally stare at him. I think Brent was quite taken with her too and I had to make sure there was no little black and white puppy head sticking out of his bag when I took him to the train station on Sunday. Paul, Stella and I all enjoyed our weekend visitor and look forward to the next occasion when we can get together.

This weekend it’s our free weekend in the hotel that I stay at in Carlisle that I won in their business card draw. It would be great if this summer weather stayed although the temperature could do with dropping a bit for any more energetic walks which no doubt will get planned!

I also found out my contract for working in Scotland has been extended until the end of May. It’s not ideal as I wouldn’t have minded finishing sooner but at least I now know what to work towards. It gives me a chance to finish stuff off too.