Summer is here

And it has been for over a week.  It’s been low to mid twenties and the sun hasn’t stopped shining.  This consistently good weather is very unusual based on my summer experience but we are trying to enjoy every minute of it.

This weekend the external agenda was pretty quiet so we created an internal Palm Hill agenda which included things like BBQs in the sun, garden stuff, ice cream eating and early morning walks.   Here Paul and Stella are having fun with the frisbee at Hilbre.

P1010475 P1010476

I have also been practicing the piano quite religiously after feeling like I’d neglected it a bit with being on holiday (and other excuses like that).  Hopefully it makes a difference during my lesson on Tuesday.  Last week I was in London for a work meeting and I took advantage of the opportunity and paid a visit to Brent which was lovely as always.  We had a very nice dinner at a place called Woody Grill which served middle eastern food and then we hung out at his flat.  The meeting I was there for was near Piccaddily Circus so in the couple of hours spare I had following the finish of the meeting and my train home, I walked up Regent Street and across Oxford Street.  I popped into some shops, took a picture of Piccadilly Circus and generally enjoyed being in the city.  A lot of other people seemed to be enjoying the city too which I concluded based on the numbers of people sitting, lying, picnicking and playing cricket/football in the parks.  A very pleasant afternoon.

This week I’m looking forward to a Moversary ice cream date in Heswall on Wednesday, dinner with Helen and Harriet on Thursday at the Courtyard in Oxton and Fish and Chip Friday with Robert.

In the meantime I’ll be splashing on the sunscreen. 😉