strange day….

This week finds me feeling a bit tired… I think it’s the dark nights and the time change that are the primary cause.

Today it was almost 20 people’s last day at work (including two of my immediate colleagues and friends, Tom and Julie) as they left with voluntary severance packages.  It was a strange day all around.  The site is pretty small with not even 100 employees so 20 people is a big percentage of the site.  Most people are happy to be going and are either starting retirement a bit early or have found another job.  I managed to cry at work saying good-bye to Tom and Julie. Crying  How embarrassing.  At least I didn’t get snot on anyone this time, though!  I will miss my two friends particularly but the site as a whole will feel a lot different come Monday morning.

So tonight there was a big thing after work with people from the site and lots and lots who once worked there but now have left.  (Many of these leavers I didn’t even recognise as they’d left before I started.)  The room was really full, there was a free bar, a big buffet and it was nice to be social with work people outside the constrains of work!  There is another party tomorrow night with the same theme.  A few of us were talking tonight and we decided that there must be something pretty special about the place that makes people keep in touch especially given that some left the company more than 15 years ago.

It’s also Halloween tomorrow so we’re off to see Paul’s nieces and nephew in their costumes before party number two.  I’m sure that’ll be cute.