Stella for Prime Minister

Following on from our general election a couples of weeks ago and the uncertainties following the announcement of the results, for a while it looked like the Prime Minister’s seat might be vacant. This forced my imagination to kick into high gear and I asked Stella if she would like the job of the Prime Minister.  I mean if Lord Buckethead can run for a position as an MP, surely Stella can too.  Although she just stared at me and hasn’t really answered yet, I was left wondering what would life be like under Stella’s rule… What would change?  Although I’m not really sure about Stella’s political orientation, I think this is probably Stella’s top ten hit list if she became Prime Minister:

  • Tax breaks for tennis ball producers and free tennis balls for all dogs.
  • Tax breaks for doggy Mum’s and Dad’s so they don’t have to work as much and can spend more time walking and cuddling their dogs.
  • Mandatory psychological counselling for all cats. They have an attitude problem.
  • Breed specific legislation. Gone.
  • All restrictions on dogs would be lifted including on beaches, parks, in restaurants, shops etc. Equality is the word.
  • Parliament would have to move to Merseyside. Change is not good for Stella and a move to London definitely would constitute a change.
  • The National Health Service would include care for animals.
  • Animal rescue centres would receive national funding.
  • Doggy day care. Free. (And cheese too while you’re at it too.)
  • Muddy puddles would become mandatory in all parks.  A rating system would be introduced to reward the parks with the best, most muddiest puddles.  Bath time would become illegal.

Stella for PM! Now it is just the matter of getting her to stop staring at me and put her name forward… 😉