spring is here….?

So this week saw the first day of spring come and go…. but the weather seemed to miss the point.

For the first time in my 14 years in England, we had snow – in March – after the spring equinox.  And a fair few inches too.  It started on Friday early morning and was in for the day.  Stella and I enjoyed our snow day on Friday with some looking out the windows, a fire and an afternoon nap.  Perfect.

looking out at the snow

And the snow carried on during Saturday too.  We all went up to see Jayne, Paul and the kids.  Josh declared that they had Canada Snow.  I’m not sure Canadian readers would see it that way but it was definitely quite significant by UK standards.

bidston hill in the snow 2013-03-22 07.50.44

Saturday evening we celebrated Earth Hour from 8:30pm – 9:30pm after a prompt from Janet.  Lights and tv off.  Fire burning and candles lit.  I like Earth Hour.

Today, we went to see Harriet, Pete and the boys for a walk and a sledge at Calderstones Park in Liverpool.  I’d never been to the park before and enjoyed it. Stella did too and was quite excited about her 2 new playmates.  I liked the lady snowman that someone had sculpted – until I saw the front of it….  She actually has a skull face and 3 rather accurate boobies.  Interesting take on the Jane Austen like poise that she appeared to have from a distance.

2013-03-24 14.32.02

In other, non snow related news, Stella won 3rd prize during a competition night in her agility class.  I was very pleased that she’d managed to pull everything together that she’d been working on.  Next step Crufts?  😉

stella won 3rd prize

(And no, she didn’t steal the ribbon as Paul suggested when I showed him this picture…. ;-))