Speedlights for Winter Weddings

A few weeks ago, I decided to seize the opportunity for some continuing development and joined Brett Harkness on his “Speedlight for Winter Weddings” training course. Although Brett’s reputation drew me to the course, when I realised that the venue was the amazing Lowry theatre in Manchester, I knew it was one I couldn’t miss.

Over the course of the day, Brett not only shared some amazing photographs with us along with his expertise about speedlights but he also provided some much appreciated pointers about wedding photography in general. After a few hours of theory and discussion, we had a model bride and groom join us to help put into some of what we’d learned.

One of the great things about the day was talking to the other photographers who were on the course about what they were up to. Brett established a very open and helpful environment to enable us to share stories, experience and tips.

I think its great that the photography learning journey never ends. I came away from the day with my head spinning with new information, ideas and contacts – and very excited about getting out my camera to try some of the things I’d learned.

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the day. Hope you like them.