snow day!

Well its my first official UK snow day.  The snow came down yesterday afternoon and there was lots of it – even by Canadian standards, I think? – and it was that wet stuff that turns slushy when you drive over it.  So the slushy stuff got compacted, then the temperature dropped and Voila! Ice!  The roads were – and still are covered with it.  We went for a little walk to check it out and you had to feel sorry for people trying to get home from work sliding around in their cars with their wheels spinning but just not taking them anywhere. There are ridiculous stories about how long it took people to get home from work.  Paul’s 3 hours to drive 2 miles is up there with the best of them.  Some people abandoned their cars in order to walk home and the rumour has it that the some councils are running low on grit  Some are even out already!  Well if that’s true and roads around here don’t get gritted, it’ll be snow day number 2 tomorrow for me because there is no way I’m getting to the top of that hill at the moment without a 4×4 and some chains!  Hurrah!

Although I was supposed to be off on leave anyways, I was part of the phone around last night to people I work with to let them know not to go in today.  The phone is pretty busy again today with people trying to find out what’s going on, what the latest on work tomorrow is and just to share stories of road treachery and general chaos.  I went to the little local shops before and they were much busier than usual and everyone seemed to have a tale to tell.  I’m guessing no one is driving to the big supermarkets today…  Kind of a weird day but I definitely could do it again tomorrow if necessary!

Snow Day 012 Snow Day 009 Snow Day 010 Snow Day 011

In other news, we had a lovely New Year celebration with Brent and Michelle.  New Year’s Eve turkey dinner was yummy and we went to see the Fonz in a pantomine at the Liverpool empire on Saturday.  We also had a walk around Thurstaston and Royden Park, explored Port Sunlight and spent some time hanging out in the local coffee shop.

Here we are.  Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve & Day 002