snow and celebrations….

Well – it’s official.  Winter is here.  There is snow on the ground where I’m working in Scotland.  I think that beats Alliston this year?  It was a bit snowy for my drive up this morning particularly over Shap and then on the little roads that lead to the site from the main A roads.  It’s very cold too.  I wish I’d brought my long johns!

We went to my work Christmas party in South Wales on Saturday night.  It was a black tie affair and we made a weekend of it by driving half way on Friday evening and staying at hotel near Shrewsbury.  The party was at a hotel in Chepstow.  We drove back yesterday through the Brecon Beacons which was very scenic but very twisty requiring concentration at the wheel.  It was also a fair old journey – 4 hours all together.  Last night it was windy at the top of Palm Hill and intermittent hail, rain and sleet at the windows made it sound like we were suffering some sort of incursion or something.  No wonder I feel so tired today!

Well we were off gallivanting, Stella had a weekend with Jayne and Paul and the kids and seemed pretty pleased to see us when we picked her up.  She definitely enjoyed her weekend a lot, though.  When we got in last night she slept all night once she’d had her dinner and smelled around in the back yard to see what cats had been visiting.  Well – that’s what I assume she was doing!

This week I’m going out for a meal on Tuesday with the people I work with in Scotland and then on Thursday I’m going out with Harriet and Helen for food.  I’m particularly looking forward to my own bed already this week – I didn’t see it much last week with an extra day away with work and then 2 nights in a hotel.

Oh – and most importantly – Happy Birthday, Brent for today!  Balloons at the ready!?