I had a sad call on Wednesday from Mum and Dad to say that Scottie had died.  Oh dear.  Pets are so much a part of the family and they leave a big empty space when they’ve gone.

I thought I would write a bit of a tribute to him in my most favoured format; a list.

So here is a list of the 10 things I loved most about Scottie.

  1. He made Mum and Dad happy.
  2. He was a really friendly cat.
  3. He never forgot me when I moved away.
  4. He used to meow without making any noise.
  5. He didn’t expend energy unnecessarily.  So Mum and Dad still needed mouse traps in the house.  (I mean – why would you chase a mouse when if you just looked at your Dad he’d give you a treat?)
  6. He was a really good looking cat.
  7. He liked his food.  I can associate with that.
  8. He was a medical miracle conquering both leukaemia and diabetes.
  9. He let me pick him up and hold him.  On his terms, of course.
  10. And I love the story about Dad and me going out together and finding him.

Rest in peace, Scottie.

scottie scottie-2