role on Friday….

Well it’s a grey, drizzly, blustery British winter day here. But I won’t complain. I said I wouldn’t when I was complaining about having snow and the disruption it caused. It’s warm enough and the roads are fine and when it gets bright and sunny on the weekend, it’ll be lovely. Hopefully that’s not too much wishful thinking. 😉

I guess things have been pretty puppy focused for us lately and will be for a few months I suspect until Stella gets bigger and gets to know the rules a bit better. We are continuing with her wider education introducing her to lots of new things.  It’s called “socialising” in the world of dog ownership.  There have been trips to the park, the beach and some time in Paul’s Mum’s garden for a mad run around with a Frisbee. She been getting to know Paul’s nieces and nephew Ella, Hannah and Josh and was a bit bemused with Seamus’s energy and lack of fear when we went to see Harriet and Pete.  She’s been off her lead a couple of times and while my heart was in my mouth, she did great and stayed close to us and came back when we called her to get little titbits of cheese.  Hopefully she keeps this up when she gets a bit braver…

Her puppy classes have started which are great fun.  I think I could go to these and just watch even without a puppy.  In our class there are two Labradors, a Golden Retriever, a Lurcher, another Springer Spaniel, a Doberman and a King Charles Spaniel. She is learning how to sit, lie down and be nice to other people and dogs.  She is becoming more confident with the other pups and dogs that we meet on our walks as well.  Her favourite puppy in our class is another black and white Springer called Dizzy.  She liked a grown up Springer Spaniel called Henry we saw in Birkenhead Park who was also quite enamoured with her. She got a bit overconfident with a couple of the smaller dogs on an organised puppy walks but other than that she hasn’t showed us up too much.  She even came when we called her last week in the class with all the distractions around the room of the other puppies and people.

She thinks all people will want to fuss and pet her although she was a bit wary when she saw a giant (a man with his daughter on his shoulders) on one of our walks. She likes TV – especially football or any other sport played on a grass field, it seems – and thinks its important to watch it with her nose just about touching the screen. She also likes the fire and again enjoys this better when in close proximity to it – why be 3 feet away from the flames when you can be 6 inches? A girl after my own heart. The leaves are interesting to chase when they blow in the wind and so is her tail.  She does a pretty good impersonation of a crab when she grabs her tail and walks sideways.  Suffice to say we’re enjoying Stella’s company and watching her grow and see and do new things.  I’m just hoping we don’t become those weird dog owner types who’s dog becomes their replacement children…. I’m sure a whole blog about a dog isn’t any indication of anything weird at all…..


I guess a dog child is probably slightly more acceptable than a van child though?

Happy Birthday for Paul for tomorrow.  Happy day!  May Stella fill your glass and love fill your heart. 🙂