Reverend Pamela Joy Alderson

Now that is a strange reality.  Well sort of strange but perfectly normal all at the same time.  

I have just got back from a whirlwind trip home to Canada to see my Mum ordained as a Deacon at their church in Alliston.  The trip started with a rather unusual drop off at the airport in Frank following the Capesthorne Hall camping trip (see below).  After a pretty seamless flight I was picked up at a balmy Toronto airport by Lauren.  It was great to see Lauren and Andre for an evening BBQ and to watch some Stanley Cup hockey.  I mistakenly left my camera downstairs when I went to bed and there were some unusual pictures on it when I got up in the morning…. I shouldn’t have expected anything less from those 2 crazies… 😉


The next morning I met Janet at Finch subway station and we headed up to Newmarket to meet Mum and Dad.  There was lots of pre-ordination preparation going on but we made some time to do some other stuff including skating, yoga, Dairy Queen, 2 walks at Earl Rowe and a bit of shopping and some planning for our slightly longer September visit.   I also ate some “Canadian” food including pickles, gammon, Swiss Chalet, pancakes and maple cookies.  Yum yum.  

P1060805 P1060692   P1060701P1060784 

The ordination service was on Wednesday– we left the house at about 4:30pm for the rehearsal which was followed by the service at 7pm.  It is hard to detail everything about the experience – apparently a video of the full service will be online – but I will try to identify a couple of the highlights for me in no particular order:  

  • How smoothly the service went and in what a good light the church appeared as a result of the event. Becoming a Reverend is obviously a big deal for my Mum but it was also a big deal for the church as it was the first visit from the new Bishop from Toronto who doesn’t make these trips for any old service….
  • The support that Mum has from the church.  She is obviously very popular and well loved by lots of people.  And why not I say. 
  • How long everyone clapped when Mum was presented to them as a Deacon! 
  • How Mum seemed to take everything in her stride and appeared at ease under the unique set of circumstances.  
  • The fellowship of the church – it seemed more welcoming and unified than I recall it being when I was a kid…
  • Meeting some of the people I had heard about but hadn’t met yet – particularly the Bishop, the minister running the service and the administration staff at the church.  Everyone was really friendly.
  • When they were dressing Mum in her new red Deacon robe during the rehearsal.  It was a bit of a flurry of red and arms and messy hair.  Now that was funny.  Thankfully they figured it out for the proper service.  
  • Hearing my Mum’s friend Anne tell me stories about working together at the hospital which probably are not the type of story that should be repeated too loudly at one’s ordination…. 😉 
  • Dad’s face when Mum was thanking him for his support over the years during her speech at the reception…

 P1060697    P1060870

P1060880 P1060886 P1060897 P1060902  P1060911

Despite the fact that it was a very short trip and seems like a bit of a dream now, I am very glad I went and I am looking forward to going back in September already especially to see the Reverend in her new capacity!