Rainy day photoshoot

Carys (www.photographyunknown.com) very kindly organised a photo shoot for us last weekend. The idea was that we could have an un-time-constrained opportunity to try out some more creative posing and lighting ideas. During a “real wedding”, time is short for being experimental so this was a good opportunity to play around a bit more and come up with some recipes to use at future weddings. I invited Denis along as well so there were three of us photographers.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t really play ball for us – in fact, it couldn’t have been much worse really. There was very heavy rain and wind on and off throughout the shoot. We started off down by the docks with our gorgeous models Lynn and William. They were very obliging by standing in the rain and cold and always looking pretty happy about any situation we put them in. Good effort indeed.

After taking a few shots down by the Liver buildings we made our way up through the city streets making a few stops along the way and eventually ending up at the Hard Days Night Hotel.

We all agreed that it was a really useful opportunity to test ourselves and our cameras and that it would definitely be useful to do something similar again in the future – although perhaps in a studio if the weather was playing like it was this time!

Thanks for organising us, Carys! Here a couple of my favourite pictures from the day.