Picasso inspired dreams…..?

Well I don’t know if it was the fact that we watched a DVD which was a bit of a fantasy movie the other night or maybe it was going to see the weird Picasso exhibition at the Tate gallery in Liverpool (www.tate.org.uk/liverpool/exhibitions/Picasso/default.shtm), but I woke up a couple of days ago with some memories of crazy dreams whizzing around my head that left me feeling like I’d been hallucinating all night.

First there was the fact that it had snowed in August (in England). Comment worthy in the dream – like during small talk with the neighbours – but other than that nothing seemed very much out of the ordinary about it. This snow meant the temperatures were lower… Because it was cold and the neighbours were on holidays (they actually are away “in real life” but I’m not sure how they managed to be away while also making small talk with us about snow….), one of their cats decided to take comfort in our warm house. But we didn’t let it in through the door. It crawled into the wall from the outside and then I had to peel back the wallpaper in the bedroom to let it in. We don’t have wallpaper, by the way!

And then the people that I worked with in my very first “real” job in this country were talking to me. (Not about the snow – they didn’t really seem to be affected….) There they all were: Carl, Rob and Nick. Faces who I haven’t seen for almost 10 years and haven’t kept in touch with either. I think they were trying to convince me to come and work for the company they work at now…. Very random.
I don’t tend to remember dreams very much but remembering these ones made me feel slightly disjointed and disturbed…. No more Picasso for me!


In the real world, this week has involved another trip to Derby and a bit of a busier spell at work. We celebrated moversary last night – 5 months – with a meal out at a restaurant in Liverpool called Spire (www.spirerestaurant.co.uk) that I’ve been to a couple of times with Helen and Harriet. The food was lovely as always. Looking ahead, the next moversary will be the day my parents arrive in Birkenhead!

Even though It’s only Wednesday, I’m already looking forward to the weekend and particularly our walk to Hilbre island and BBQ with the “ex” Capenhurst crowd on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather!