Photography Phocus

The last couple of weekends have been pretty photography focused so apologies in advance for the boring blog for non-photography types!

Last Saturday I went on a walking tour of Manchester guided by a professional photographer.  I was interested in this as a way to get to know the city better as well as an opportunity to take pictures with some like minded people.  The tour was pretty architecture focused which isn’t a subject I find particularly intriguing but we did get to China Town with all its colours and characters and the John Rylands library was also quite a place to see – quite Harry Potter-esque – and not something I would’ve come across otherwise. 

 P1050050-1 P1050062-1 P1050096

This Saturday I headed down to the Photography Show with my photographer companion Denis.  It was held at the NEC in Birmingham so it was a bit of a trek but I was impressed with the ease of getting into and out of the place, the availability of the parking and the layout of the event itself.  We watched presentations on capturing action and movement and gawked at the range and expense of the photography related paraphernalia available to purchase.  There were lots of cameras slung around people’s necks and lens that could knock you off your feet.  I (rather miraculously) managed to not spend any money at the show but the research I did while I was there will undoubtedly lead to future purchases… I don’t think attendance at the show will become an annual thing for me but I might keep it in mind in a few years time.


Picture 001 P1050372-1

In between times, Josh turned 8.  He is such a great kid.  We went to his soccer birthday party with his friends and then enjoyed the family birthday party the week after… although we didn’t see much of Josh at the 2nd one as he was quite involved with his new Lego alien. 😉    And there were some walks with Stella too, of course. 


This week is busy enough with a couple of meals out with Julie and co. on Wednesday and Helen and Harriet on Friday and the usual piano and agility in between.  Paul and I actually kicked off this week of eating out yesterday with some Italian food in New Brighton to celebrate (a late) moversary.  Pizza.  Yum, yum.  I think if this is eating out week, next week will be diet week!