our Center Parcs adventure

Center Parcs is forest park holiday village with lots of indoor and outdoor activities to suit all interests and all age groups ( http://www.centerparcs.co.uk/index.jsp) and we have just arrived home from our holiday there. We were at the Whinfell Forest site (Lodge 63 Moorland View, to be precise) with Jayne, Paul, Ella, Hannah and Josh.

2013-03-28 19.31.37 2013-03-27 19.46.59

The kids were readily entertained with the activities available to them including caving, climbing and tree trekking.  I joined them (or should I say, they joined me?) for some pottery painting and we all went bowling too.  Here is Ella taking the tree trekking by storm.

2013-03-27 17.31.40

We all really enjoyed the swimming pool too – we visited it a couple of times.  It was huge and there were lots of different things you could do like catch the waves in the wave pool, sit in the hot tub or slide down one of the many slides.  There was also jet skiing for the kids and even an outdoor pool which was lovely and warm – although that can’t be said for the route to get there!

Whinfell Forest is near Penrith which meant we were able to do some nice walks in Cumbria and Yorkshire on the way there and back and also when we were there.

By far the fiercest walk we did was on the way up – we walked 10 miles in a range of mountains called the Howgills.  The wind was the strongest I had every walked in.  This picture was taken on the way down and shows the white capped mountains we had just walked around.

2013-03-25 14.43.38

In some places it was a bit icy underfoot and it almost went horribly wrong when Paul slipped and dropped the map he was carrying and it went rolling away in the wind.  A “do or die” dive from me managed to capture the escaped map just before it was lost forever – which would not have been a great situation on a cold and windy mountain top.  Later on in the lodge, Uncle Paul discussed the story of the renegade map with Hannah and Josh and showed them how the park fits into the world around it.

2013-03-26 10.30.33

The other walks fortunately did not require such skillful manoeuvres on my part.  We were quite amazed at how deep the snow was in some places though and how we felt we were still in the depths of winter when it is in fact spring.

2013-03-27 11.22.47 2013-03-29 11.56.43

Although there wasn’t a lot for Stella in Center Parcs, she enjoyed being in the big pack and all the cuddles she got. We also managed to keep her well exercised with the local walking.

2013-03-26 13.02.07 me and the kids

The best part of the holiday for me was being able to spend time together.  It reminded Paul and I of how we felt when we were on our childhood holidays – memories that’ll last a lifetime.

I am missing us all being together already!