Orton, Penrith

We have been enjoying a heat wave here this weekend – the temperature has been in the mid 20s and the sunshine has been unbroken.  The consistently warm and dry weather is unexpected but we have been able to take advantage of it….

We have been away at a cottage in a village called Orton near Penrith in Cumbria.  South cottage (www.southcottageorton.com) is a cute little place in a charming village.

There is a pub close enough to see from the kitchen window of the cottage.  We enjoyed a very nice meal there in the beer garden on Friday night.  There is also a chocolate factory and shop in the village (www.kennedyschocolates.co.uk) which we *may* have visited once or twice for a truffle or three… and today for a lunch time 3-scoop ice cream sundae from the coffee shop.  Oh my. Calorie free, of course….

The location is great for walking in both Cumbria and Yorkshire – the border of the counties is very close by.  Yesterday we saw a couple of castles (built to stop the invading Scots) on our walking route and today we saw some lime kilns and two very grand railway viaducts.


With the elevated temperatures, Stella has been doing her best to keep cool.  Surprisingly (or not), the muddier puddles seem to be preferable for this function when compared to nice clean running water…

We also came across this sign which caused us a bit of amusement, a rather serious message delivered with a bit of tongue and cheek.  I like it.

So I’m staying on at the cottage for another couple of days while I finish off my last week of working in Scotland.  I will have to say some good-bye’s this week to the team I have been working with up here for 8 months so there are a couple of meals out and I’ve done some baking as a treat.  I’m sure it’ll be weird not making the weekly journey up the M6 at first but when I think about how much I’m looking forward to being at home after work every night and able to spend time with Paul and Stella , I just can’t stop smiling.

Our next weekend away is soon too – well, next weekend, actually!  We’re camping at Delamere Forest for a couple of nights to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and our 4 day weekend.  The Olympic Torch is also passing through Birkenhead Friday evening on it’s country-wide journey to London so that’ll be worth a look too.